Fairy river

Fly Box Models


Magnet lock mechanism

Magnets of diameter 8 or 5 mm are glued with 2K epoxy to bearings.

Foam fly keeper

Moderetly soft foam precisely cut and ideal for keeping flies. Foam is very resistant for constant usage. It holds barbless hooks as well as regular hooks.


Made of brass, diameter 5mm and total lenght 18mm. And they are glued with 2K epoxy to bearings.

High quality wood

Quality sorted and dried pieces of nutt wood.


Wooden boxes for flies and voblers are made of quality sorted and well dried nutt wood. Manufactured by using CNC machine we guaranty equal size, shape and quality for each box. Each box is a unique considering the vatiaty of texture and wood pattern.

We inform you that number of wooden boxes is not always available for the customers due to long process of production. It might be nececary for the customers to wait for the ordered quantity of boxes for certain period of time.

Protection which is done on the surface of the box is oil based. It is put in layers which provides greater durability and saving it’s original look.

After fishing, keep your boxes on dry places.

We do not give warranty on potential box damages after you aquire a box from our resellers.


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